Native English

NATIVE ENGLISH offers a professional service of English language editing and translating texts from Portuguese to English. Texts include academic articles, books, websites, emails, letters, curriculum vitae, etc. It also provides a service of correcting presentations and posters in English for international conferences. The target audience includes university lecturers, researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students and book authors.

Jane Godwin Coury, the copyeditor and translator of NATIVE ENGLISH, is British and has lived in São Carlos (SP), Brazil since 1994. She has vast experience of copyediting texts in English and translating academic articles, texts and books from Portuguese to English in exact sciences and humanities. She has helped many academics from Brazilian universities to publish successfully in international journals. Jane holds a Master´s in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Leicester University in the UK.

The English language editing and translating service includes a meeting with the author, if necessary, ensuring that the work is communicated in the clearest way possible in English. Quality of service and fulfilling deadlines are of utmost importance. In order to help academics write in English, there are various TIPS. To know more about the services please click on COPYEDITING and TRANSLATIONS.

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